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  • Hi Jeremias,

    Is there a way to send a long letter to a Mod?
    This method only allows 420 Characters


    Stiffler's Dad
    Yes - send me (or the relevant mod) a private message.

    The easiest way would be to click on the relevant user's profile and then click 'Start a Conversation'. You can add further participants from there.
    Hi J.

    Heard from a prominant Carlton person today that Watts to Carlton has been agreed upon in principal with his management and watts has agreed on same dollars as his current melbourne deal provided carlton can deal with melbourne and get him there.

    post if you want or not its upto you
    Hey mate, we are 3 short still for div 1, could u pls post in the thread a cut-off date and possible replacements? Cheers mate

    I'm in mate, not sure why my PM doesn't work but another poster said the same. my email

    Thanks Jeremias you guys do a great job.
    Congratulations on the joint Best First year Gumbies player for season 13!

    Its that time of year again to show your commitment to the Gumbies for another season by stating so! Head on over to the brand new season 14 thread and say your going around again if you are! And if you are what do you think of the new logo?

    The above thread is the place to be for all things Gumby this coming season! Your fellow Blues mate Clay has stuck around so im expecting you to aswell, you to had a great combination on the field in S13 :)


    Gumbies Captain
    are you interested in playing in the bigfooty fantasy footy league mate? Same kinda set up as the BFFCL, using a sim etc, im captain of the Gumbies and would love to have you until atleast the season's end.
    since your the godfather of the carlton draft game, though Id plant a seed in your head about having a trade and draft or something...I got a few spaces to fill still plus we should have like a small ressys list for depth.
    Partners in patheticness? :thumbsu:

    PS: I've got half your number of posts and 6 times as many site visits. People must be interested in what an extinct marsupial looks like I guess. T.
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