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  • Hey mate, I was going through an old TAR thread and was wondering if you still have the game? I have been looking for a while and cant find it/cant get it working anywhere. My email is would be great if you could send it!
    Blue Dimension
    Blue Dimension
    Hey champ. Sorry for the late reply. I never noticed this post here. I still have TAR somewhere on my computer I think. Let me know if you still want it and I'll have a look.
    BD you should hear me at the Footy at home & away games when we have McBurney, Chamberlain & McLaren umpiring. I am more vocal when there are 2 of them umpiring our games at the same time. I have no voice the next day. The good thing is, McLaren has retired LOL :)
    Well, how times have changed in the span of a season.

    You were worried about the Blues' prospects in season 2010 and similarly worrying about the wrath of the Eagles' young parade.

    Football is a funny game.
    Yeah I have a bad feeling about this game, Melbourne are a good side and getting better, we can't afford to piss around.
    funny you say that, i have 2 episodes left but were deliberately not watching it cause i don't want it to end = ( do you reckon it's def new characters for S5?
    Hey, mate. Yeah things are going alright. Self?

    Things are actually shaping up alright for us. We've only got 2 injured players, a full list of ruckmen and forwards to choose from as well. Time will tell how we'll go without Lloyd and McPhee though (Could say Lovett but even if he was still here he would've been sacked and Lucas wouldn't do a thing). I still believe we should have kept Lloyd, but what can you do?

    What about your mob? Not the greatest off season hey? ;)
    Hey JJ mate.
    I'm hoping the young brigade do us proud come tomorrow night, sadly though, I will not see said game. Oh well.

    Pleased about your blokes' performance today at visy?
    :thumbsu: totally think you guys have a huuuge chance, but you better watch out for Collingwood.
    If I was old enough I would bet on Collingwood to win this years flag ;)
    Heeeey, yeah I havent been on bigfooty for a few months soo thats probably why haha.
    Yeaah not to bad mate, and yourself?
    Yeah, I reckon I nearly post more in the sports section of this forum than the AFL sections. The sports boards are generally good bar a couple of idiots, but that's expected. It's almost like a completely different forum compared to the AFL boards.
    Nah, mate. Chief and co think I'm too young. Well that's what I think anyway.

    It's pretty fun deleting the shitty posts and reading all the deleted posts. :p

    I used to be a mod on a sub forum over at planetcricket doing vBookie. But yeah, you'll be fine. Just waiting for the change in your posting style now you have mod powers. ;)
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