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  • Sticking with Tottenham now Mop, finally decided on a team.
    Still a spurs fan, Quinz?
    Must say I won't be too disappointed mate. We're not really expected to win up there. Without Kreuzer and Waite and probably Gibbs I don't know how we could even get close. But stranger things have happened.
    Definitely is mate. Awesome improvement by your Eagles this year. Blues finally won a final for the first time in 10 years.
    haha, yeah it's funny how thing's turn out buddy isn't it? Still, the Blues surprised me at the start of the season then went back to playing the terrible brand of footy they were playing in the pre season.

    What's news at the Eagles? Who do you think they have to do to improve?
    I got one about 3 weeks ago - from bad to slightly better. Did you see me somewhere again? Pretty sure I saw you at gateways a little while ago.
    Haha, yeah I'm hoping you guys and Freo win so the boys don't have to travel all the way to perth. Must say you'd have to be excited being an Eagles supporter. Nicnat, Ebert, Masten, Kennedy, Hurn, etc etc etc are all exciting to watch. Going to be scary in a few years time.

    The Carlton boys did okay today. It was a massive improvement from last week but still nothing amazing. Forward line looked a heap better but the amount of clangers over the field continue to be costly. Nervous about this year to be honest. I saw the worst of the boys last week, hopefully there's better still to come, otherwise it's going to be a long year.
    Hey Mop were you sitting on the Mainy Wing during the NAB1 game v Ess with a short bloke and 2 kids behind you ??
    I have reported your message to Kerrby about Adam Selwood not being a legend of the game. A 24 month ban from the site should be in order.
    Seriously, you don't like me I get it. Stop messaging me, i'm not worth the thought.
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