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  • That guy does actually have a point. It is quite similar to Lionel Hutz's quote ;)
    Yeah, been busy with uni and the like, I'm getting around to it. Probably go Round 1, GF, Round 2 by the time i'm done I'd say.
    It sucks about just missing the cutoff, my cousin was in the same boat but I guess you've just got to take the positives out of it.

    Anyway, if you have any questions about law, arts units, the university or anything else, don't hesitate to drop me a line, always happy to help.
    You sir, have it lucky. The way that the current law degree is being phased out means that current law students can't defer because the units probably won't be operating the next year.
    The way it's changing is that the new post graduate (Juris Doctor) degree is being introduced in 2013 and will be a 3 year course. The other reason you're lucky is that a JD is actually a higher rated degree than the current LLB, so fingers crossed I can find a decent job when I'm done!
    Myself, law is going pretty well. First year is mainly criminal law which I find interesting enough to invest a bit of time and effort in. Currently just focussing on keeping my grades good enough to be able to on exchange in 2013.
    Arts/economics should be good. Probably the two most interesting degrees available and compliment eachother. Having a lighter workload before the JD starts will mean you'll be able to enjoy the better parts of university life before you get sucked into the abyss that is the law library!
    Hey Matt, was just going through my profile and saw the conversation we had last year about uni.
    What did you end up doing? How is it treating you?
    I just wish he'd get some bloody midfield time, if he got treated the same as Ebert he'd be a decent player already.

    Just hope he can fix his kicking.
    Forget that in most of Swiftys games this year he's played quite well, we should delist him because of 2 bad kicks.

    Love this place at times.
    The thing that shits me is how much love Koby gets when he's done nothing Swifty hasnt
    Fair enough. I think they change it to the Melbourne system after next year, so one would have to finish a degree before starting law, as opposed to myself transferring a year in.
    Definitely go to O-day and sign up for some clubs (SABAS and Leisure particularly, they hold great events), and for the love of god go on a camp or two. They are incredibly loose.
    Nice. Yeah I messed up one exam which would have got me in.
    I'll be in 2nd year arts, 1st year law. Do you know what arts units you'd like to do?
    i don't find out until the 30th as well because I had to do it through TISC.
    What's your fallback plan? Law at ND? Post-grad law?
    Law at Udub eh?
    Transferring in, got the 70% average i needed comfortably (76%).
    You doing Law/Arts, or Law/Commerce etc?
    By the way, did you have the supposed pics from that other BACCS thread that I'm yet to see.

    You know what to do brah.
    Meh, not bothered. I should've stayed quiet in the first place.

    Pretty sure they haven't actually found my identity though, we're not in contact with each other anymore, and she's deleted all pics of me etc. So they're pretty much thinking I'm one of her other friends.

    My E-rep taken a bit of a hit though (not that I had much to begin with) ...
    The thread wasn't that great, it's been deleted now. rdub made a thread, with pic of a chess piece and calling BACCS a white knight. He showed a PM from BACCS saying he likes ILTH or whatever n how he's not giving up pics. Pretty sure no-one has pics of ILTH it's all just to get them worried or whatever.

    Anyway BACCS got mad, and then rdub shows the PM of him being like f*** you you f***ing ****. He mad!

    PS. See my cover being blown on GD board earlier. RoJo curse strikes again! :(
    Yes she did, I'm not overly impressed either.

    Now take my name (or half of it at least) out of the RDT plox.

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