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  • I only get the first two eagles games this year :( although I'll be going to Europe after so I guess I shouldn't complain. that you on the bus home from uni yesterday afternoon? Can't fully remember what you look like so didn't really want to go and say hi only to be met with confusion. Come to think of it, even if it was you, you may not have recognised me. But yeah, /creepy post.
    Shiiiiiiieeeeeeeet. No wonder you were limping, how long ago did this happen?
    Bit over 3 months ago. During the North Melbourne game actually. Last friday was the first game i've been to since.
    Not all bad though, won a competition for "worst sporting injury photo" and as a result will be flying to Melbourne, staying in a 5 star hotel and going to the West Coast v Hawthorn game in the grand suite along with tickets to Collingwood v Essendon. Silver lining!
    Some people have all the luck!
    Thought it was strange you weren't at the derby! How'd you do that anyway?

    I'm starting to think about heading to Melbourne for the GF... where's that lid?
    Hey Dude, as of 740 tomorrow morning Perth time it will be your pick, Mighty Eagles hasn't been on since the 21st of November so i'm not holding out much hope of him coming back so start thinking about who you want ;)
    I actually ended up deferring for a year, so have been doing various work and might go travelling for a short period of time in the next few months.

    Didn't get into Law, just missed out (the cutoff was 97, I got 96.55, which was a bit annoying) so next year I'll be doing Arts/Economics. I'm unsure what the system is now with regards to switching into Law, but I'll work all that out when I actually start.

    You're in your first year of law this year are you not? How's it woking out?
    Still pretty undecided if I don't get in. I was never really set on doing law throughout the year, I just figure if I get into it I may as well see how I like it. Otherwise I'll probably just do arts and try getting into it post-grad, much like what you've done I suppose.
    Law/Arts. This is if I get into it of course, we don't get our results until the 30th. I should get the required score, based on my school marks at least, but if I don't do quite as well as expected in the TEE exams I could end up around 94/95 which would be frustrating, but not a big deal.
    Looks like you did pretty well then, congratulations. Seems like good advice, I know plenty of people who I'm sure will end up like that come exam time.
    Hi mate,
    The SFA season has started and it would be good to see you back around and posting on the dragons board and game day threads.

    Coming up with family?


    Surely not just to read the megathread
    BS how do i upload my photos to my training thread ?
    I have saved them to my computer but dont know how to attach to thread ?
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