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  • Hows it hanging CK. i just realised I'm going to be in Barcelona when the CL final is on in may... Man I really hope they make it in now. Could get hectic.
    Cheers mate.

    Gibson gone and keys to the mod room...it's been an alight January! :p
    Sarcasm doesn't really drop though on the interwebz, does it?

    I hope so too...someone of his calibre would be excellent.
    OK I still haven't got Fox yet, but I've been watching game highlights and reviews quite often.

    I've worked out not to support Arsenal...
    Yeah I did. Will probably join up this weekend. I wondered where everyone had gone! Might go out on here all guns blazing with a Pokemon attack on GB. The ****!
    What's happening CK? Got a question for you mate:

    Getting Foxtel soon because I want to get into the EPL. Are all games shown on Fox each week? And what team should I follow?
    Coldplay - Fix You

    The others being Adele (Rolling in the Deep) and Aloe Black (I need a dollar)
    Very cryptic PM from you sir. The site censor muddled up that link so it's pretty much useless. Try again :D
    CK, how has the fellow resident WCE/Man U fan been :)

    I stopped posting because the WCE board kinda went to s**t, the poker board (lol) had no real traffic and the soccer board was over-run with terribad posters. Plus I took time off uni and as such didnt sit in front of a computer all day. I posted more on poker website 2+2 instead in both sports and poker.

    Anyway, 2+2 is banned at uni so I cant just sit and study all day while at Curtin, man needs facebook and random sports forum postings, so thats why I have a few posts already.

    Great game last night eh?
    Insulted another poster. Called said person a dumb **** and got banned for one day as a result.
    2nd April was set as the date - but that's since been put on hold and he might not return until May.

    Anyones guess atm, a few rumours around that he won't play again this season. We're not in the position where we desperately need him and rushing him back would be a mistake.
    Seems like it although I still hold a little hope for Sting.:)

    I wouldn't want Triple H to retire if he loses so I hope that aspect isn't true if he does face the Undertaker.
    Sorry mate. the post was similar to what i had said about 2 posts up haha.

    Yeah your talking about the right one. Its a pretty good place tbh. Ive been twice and enjoyed it, but that was because a bunch of spurs fans were there :). Theres alot of those plastic sky 4 fans there aswell... but im sure you will fit in then :p
    London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Lyon, Nice, Monaco, Barca, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Berlin,Dresden, Amsterdam, Rome, Florence, Verona, Venice, Lucerne and Belgium. I think that's it, a lot of cities now that I look back at it lol.
    CK, it's been too long! (like an arsenal trophy). Only managed to see fulham vs west ham @ craven cottage.Was sitting with the west ham supporters and loved it, the atmosphere easily beats an eagles game. Tried to get tickets for arsenal vs chelsea but they were being scalped for 200 pounds plus so we just went to an arsenal pub just outside emirates, it was f**** epic especially because we won. Every game in europe I watched arsenal play we won, mind you I had to arrive in london to newspaper headlines "park sinks gunners" FUUUUUUUU.
    It wasn't shown on Australian TV unfortunately so many people here would have missed it. I really do hope its Sting as anyone else would be a big letdown.
    Dude, just post in the team thread.

    Tell us what position you want and what arm you use.

    Cheers buddy
    His armband lied, he was no red, Torres, Torres,
    He's just a rentboy like they said, Torres, Torres,
    Into our backs he plunged his knife,
    I hope John Terry shags his wife,
    Fernando Torres, is a piece of shite.
    There's heaps of rumours around obviously, but one that caught my eye was that he requested a transfer on the 15th of Jan, but his agent was told to wait until we got a replacement (presumably Suarez, which should have happened 10 days ago, but for Ajax being massive *****).

    Now we have 3 days, he wants to go because we have our replacement (although not originally intended as a replacement).
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