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  • Hey Shibz, Don'y bother arguing with that hawthorn *. Thing is with morons like that, they drag you down to their level and beat you experience. He's a twat and a troll. Go Freo!
    Dead set serious. I was pissing myself as he was running off. We sit just near the opposition interchange, so as he was running towards us with his shirt off, it was plain as anything to see it. Two squares of sticking plaster!! There's a photo on the perthnow website in the gallery, after he's put his ripped shirt back on. You can only see one of them, but you get the picture. Fecking hilarious!! :D
    Howdy shibz, what's the good word?

    Excited about Freo's upcoming year? Fake derby coming up this weekend.
    For the Shibba stuff or the references to OJ and Michael Hutchence? The fact that someone hadn't heard of those 2 people still cracks me up hahaha.

    Have a good weekend!!
    I used to have to do voluntary work for the elderly back in high school had to teach them about all sorts of stuff like how to operate computers, woodwork and half of them were suprised by the smallest of things.

    I thought they did, but yeh you should find a nursing job in no time, my mate took up What a flower, but he is in it for the women.:p
    Ah, that's good to hear.:thumbsu:

    Got 1 year left, but that's only if I do 4 units over 2 semesters, I am still undecided if I am going to do 3 or 4..since the uni workload increases, I can't focus on my work, and vice-versa, so huge problems arise. Yourself?
    I can't get any food :(. I am at work for nine hours and can't leave cause I am in charge.
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