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  • just a heads up mate, one of your posters has tagged me onto the Fremantle board in an attempt to have a few people carded by the mods.
    I think you need to just have a chat and let em know it's not right to do so.
    Evening fat Freo mod.

    Mind unbanning me so I can post in the Freo forum again?

    Would be greatly appreciated x
    How come I've never seen ye in the threads over on the soccer board about 'nited? :eek:

    We don't bite. Much. ;)
    Lach. I don't understand why the Pavlich thread was closed. It's a public forum with peoples opinions - one doesnt need to agree. As you can see I have been on BF since 2004 - this is at risk of becoming Dockerland in my opinion, where only positive sentiments reinforced. To be frank FFC doesnt deserve that, supporters have a right to ask 'challenging' questions surely. thanks
    Best of luck, mate. Whatever you need, you know where I am. And if you get the itch again, just say the word.
    Can you please sticky the SC and DT thread on the main board? Visiting members seem to struggle with the search function and most other boards have a thread like this stickied.
    Mate, I was wondering if you could withdraw a profile report I recently made. The poster in question has apologised.
    Well, it looks like we will win the spoon now, and probably break our record for most consecutive losses. Apart from that, it's all sweet.
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