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  • That's why I made sure you had sent it :p

    If you hadn't I might have had to award your winnings to second :p
    What was most annoying is that most tiered ended pretty much just before my pick. 14 or so easy picks in the first/second round turn, then I pretty much am left with the first of the question marks.

    There's so little that can differentiate team quality with no benches that you pretty much need to hit pot luck with your picks.

    Still, going into week 5, Newton/McFadden/Best/Nicks/Austin/Gresham was a good starting lineup, one that would either take me a decent distance if it held up. Inconsistency cost me. I would still argue that it's one of the better starting O lineups in the league. Last three weeks have killed me where there's been no value in actually dropping players for what was available considering the changes I required tended to come in bunches.
    In a 16 teamer, I don't think there's that luxury. You either get middlin' performers who don't have that injury risk or you get the types of guys who might win it all for you but might get injured.
    Mehhh can't really worry about injury proneness if they're that good at scoring. Oh well.
    Auction has been a weird year. I blame Hillis for the most part.

    Knew I had a s**t CT draft and 16 teams means it's a bit hard to change. When your pair of top 12 RBs get injured for long periods in successive weeks in the Fad and Best, it's a bit hard to fix with no FAs.
    Any chance of you pushing through the trade I had with Chism so we can start the players?
    That depends on your perspective. Everyone else thought it was a massive example of self ownage. Anyway.. thread wasn't going anywhere fast (or slow).
    It mighhhttt be an old password save by your web browser. ie used to be password x, but you cahnged it or it changed with the new site and the browser just keeps on remembering the old password and you think it's the rigth one. Iunno, you aren't that ******ed tho
    Can you finally stop being a slack bastard and give me the 15 dollar entry fee for Auction?
    Youre doing it wrong then. Not that much work after one year. If you had more money to spend you would have enjoyed it more probably.

    Either way you're probabl;y on the 2010 page agian.
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