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  • Cheers, mate. I've returned you to civilian life now. Be in touch soon. And remember, need anything 'round here, just ask.
    I have to say that ignorance is my only defense and I understand that this is usually not a defense platform. What I reaally need to do is learn how to drop in links rather than copying and pasting.

    Hey Vader, can we arrange to Set up some kind of Sticky Thread where only FAITH can post his Trade gossip so we Don't have to Sift through pages of crap in the Tippett Thread? and Perhaps ask him or Her Actual serious Questions?

    It's Cool if you can't or don't think it's necessary. Just thought it would be a good idea.

    Cheers Mate.
    Hey Vader,

    I was trying to post a thread in the Polls board, but for some reason I "don't have sufficient privileges". I seem to be able to post a thread everywhere else, what's with the Polls board?


    Ahk, well, the least I could do is thankyou in advance for the pending vote I'll get in 2 or so hours then :)
    You know what I find ironic?
    You closed the Gameday 3 thread under the reasons that it's too soon (about 24 hours after the previous game)
    Yet the Gameday 2 thread was allowed to live on despite being made THE SAME DAY as the triple header at AAMI Stadium.
    Hi Vader, I'm just celebrating being a good lad for a year since you gave me my last infraction oct4,2010...keep up the good work!...cheers!
    Everyone else being unable to mount a half decent argument.

    Felt like stating my disapproval of your lock. You shouldnt use it in arguments where you're catching a pasting mate.
    People love to wear their blinkers and sometimes they just can't see faults in their favourite players, no matter how blindingly obvious they are to other people.
    So, it took 2 years for the Adelaide Board to see what I saw of Walker back in 2009.
    Fair enough. Nice that I was proven right that Walker was a lazy player, and that the majority of BigFooty was wrong :D
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