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  • Cheers for backing us on the Bay again mate. Sadly we couldn't keep it going for long enough today. Just ran out of gas completely about 5 minutes into the last quarter. Fitness is still a bit below par, and lack of confidence was a big issue too.

    Plus we're still dragging along obvious dead weights in our squad - Moloney, Dunn, Bennell, Sylvia and Davey. The first three damaged our chances pretty clearly today, the other two were sent down this week, and rightly so.

    Hopefully we'll be rid of at least four of those five at the end of this year. Sadly, of course, we're stuck with Davey for longer :(
    Strong kudos for those two posts about the Demons' chances against Geelong mate, amidst all the wildly arrogant assertions on that thread within the Bay today. Rays of light amongst the darkness!

    You're still virtually the only guy outside our own camp there who seriously looked at this matchup with an open mind :thumbsu:
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