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  • They, remarkably, managed to convince hundreds of people that this was a worthy cause and these people therefore decided to be a part of this operation. This included people who were willing to be seriously wounded and have their wifes/children killed in the name of the gun buyback scheme justification.

    Where are you pulling this from? Why do hundreds of people get involved all of a sudden? Who needed to be willing to be seriously wounded?

    How about we ask for some evidence that is was Bryant? What is his motivation? Why was ne never tried, why was his face plastered all over newspapers before he was charged, why did people who have known him all his life not recognise the shooter as Bryant? Why is there no evidence whatsoever to prove Bryant was the shooter?
    Hahahaha, so let me get this straight.

    The Federal Government, to buy back guns which cost them $340 Million and caused an unpopular increase in the Medicar Levy surcharge to pay for it, decided to create a false flag operation to justify it.

    It was certainly a bonus for them politically, with lots of warm fuzzies directed Howard's way immediately after he was elected for the first time, but there's nothing to say the Federal Government were involved at all.
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