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  • I love the last post in the game day thread is a link to the post mortem thread. Great thing you did there. Smooth as silk.
    Hey cats_09 where do I find the updated accumulated correct tips selected? It only shows each round correct tips. I’m on 11 but can’t see it anywhere. Thanks
    Hi Cats_09, i keep getting notifications everytime someone posts in the i think it's autopsy thread. How do i stop that from happening please?
    Once you post in a thread, they automatically turn on notifications/watch thread. To stop that, if you go to the top post on any page of the thread you will see a button that says "unwatch" - click on that and it will ask you to confirm you want to unwatch the thread.

    You will then stop receiving notifications
    Sweet, thanks for that.
    Hi cats_09. What are you hoping that Wells does with our first few picks in the ND?
    Are you set on a particular type of player or best available at the time?
    Cheers, The Rabbi
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