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    Player Watch Adam Treloar

    I find most of this discussion pretty offensive. The man has a contract and wants to fulfill it. To me, the discussion ends there. I don't like it that the club is "keeping its options open" if that's what it is doing. The principled thing would be to come out and say that the contract will be...
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    I love Collingwood

    This is supposed to be a board for people like you. You wouldn't believe that if you read what is posted on it.
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    Preview Changes & Pre-match Discussion - SF1 vs. Geelong - Gabba, Saturday 10/10 @ 7:40pm AEDT

    It seems to me that the Cameron/Grundy situation is possible only because of the 16 minute quarters. Those two seemed to mostly change off the bench, so that only one was on the field at a time. This means that the other players were not getting a lot of time off the ground. A tactic for this...
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    Player Watch Jaidyn Stephenson

    Another point, I would play him against the Eagles. He might only get 4 kicks, but three of them goals, he might get a dozen or he might be useless. The chance should be taken. We have no other player that might break the forward line open as he might. We have to accept the "might not" as part...
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    Player Watch Jaidyn Stephenson

    I don't see any fear of physical contact. I see a player out of form, very down on confidence and stopping to think rather than doing what he instinctively would. Opponents seem more ready for his evasive moves too, so they are anticipating him. The lack of zip in his chasing, such a feature...
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    Autopsy Round 18: Collingwood 45-61 Port Adelaide

    There is a lot to take from this game, both for Collingwood and the AFL. For Collingwood, the game style is not the problem as nearly everyone here seems to think. Three things stood out in this game as major problems, as they have for some time. 1. Top teams are harder at the ball than we are...
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    Perpetuation of Covid rules

    Article in our local rag (the Mercury) a couple of days ago. I presume copied (as most things in there are) from the Herald sun.
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    Have two rules disappeared?

    This rule has always been contentious, but after a flirtation with the traditional interpretation early this year, we are back to ridiculous inconsistency. The 1970 grand final is readily available on video to show what the rule once was and should be now.
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    Perpetuation of Covid rules

    As predicted, McLaughlin has come out and said that next years games will be played under Covid rules. I doubt that I will watch much of it, if any. The boring, scoreless tacklefest that his (and Dimitriou's) administration has dealt us holds few attractions. Watching supremely skilled players...
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    Toast Round 17: Collingwood 68-46 Gold Coast

    If Sidebottom does come to the team, he will present a quandary to the selectors. On first game day he will have spent two weeks cooped up in a hotel room. His fitness will have declined badly. He will not be able to play his normal role. As I see it, he will have to play half forward, and...
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    Perpetuation of Covid rules

    It is pretty clear that the desire within the AFL administration is to continue with the rule changes that Covid has imposed on us. Shorter games, wildly different breaks between games accepted as fair, very little daytime football and matches every day of the week all excused by Covid, but...
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    Player Watch Josh Daicos

    Brace yourselves for an average game from Josh this week. All the hype and extra attention on the field will weigh him down for this week.
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    The excuse

    The AFL is able to have its way with disposing of daytime football under the all pervading virus excuse. The real reason is TV dollars as we all know, but like everyone else forcing something unpalatable on the populace, they blame the virus. And because of the virus, we are condemned to a...
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    Autopsy Rd 14 Blues go home at half time

    I found this post very interesting. It matches so many on our board, talking about our team at different times this year. (and others). It all looks so different from the other side of the fence. I saw a game that I was in fear of losing until the last 7 or 8 minutes. I saw a game where some...
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    Toast Round 14: Carlton 48-72 Collingwood

    I am surprised that there has been almost no mention of the great effort by mayne to stop Crisp at a critical moment that seemed destined to produce a goal, at the cost of being knocked out. To me it was a pivotal moment in the game. I know the he is not well liked on this forum, but can nobody...
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