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  • Hey man, a mate called the oxford tavern in leederville and was told they are showing the game live.. only place in WA far as I know..
    Hey man, just wondering whether or not you're the same DamoESP from the Megadeth forums?

    If so, looking forward to October?
    Have you watched the download of the Carlton game yet ? Do they show the whole thing - banner, song etc or is it the same as what was on Channel 7?
    Just a reminder to those that need the details, to send me a PM as I get notified when I get one..where as I dont get notification when I get a visitors message :) Though, visitor messages are always fun as well :p
    Hey Damo. Im stuck in a house with kids kids and cant get out!!! Any chance of passing on the details???
    Sounds awesome, mate. The delay is no problem. I'm just stoked to be seeing it at all.

    Cheers, and thanks again. :thumbsu:
    Absolute ripper, mate.

    Thanks a whole load for that, and I'll be sure to thank Freo1995. :thumbsu:

    Do you know if the broadcast will be live or not?

    Have a good one.
    I've got the same inquiry about the game as Blu3 Boy.

    Could you let me know what's happening with game tomorrow? It would be very much appreciated.

    Cheers. :thumbsu:
    Hey mate!

    How you going?

    I was just wandering how I can watch the game Sydney v Carlton live tomorrow?

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