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  • Bout an 8 for me, 8.5 if you cut out some of the crap :D theres at LEAST 3 awesome matches on the card that make the 35 bucks worth it.
    Stop posting in WM thread it keeps bumping it to the top making me wanna look and ruin the winners :( haha
    But overall rate out of 10!
    Twinkletoes and others have bent over for the LT alias crew as well. Can see why u'd need to spread em to keep the peace.
    Haha thanks mate :D you know I only worked out 2 weeks ago what you meant by HB last time >_> I felt dumb
    This is what I sent to Flog57 to whatever he iscalled, the one who locked it:

    Yet you let that bullshit North asks for rescue run for 12 pages and counting.

    Main board is by far and away the shittest board on the site for moderation and you're a particularly s**t mod.

    And save me your 'there's so many posts and i just a humble volunteer' sob story.

    Card me if it makes you feel better, I don't care.

    Fact is you flogs let page after page of lies about my team stay on the main board for weeks.

    As I said in that thread you locked (and probably didn't even read) I've had PMs from North people who read that stuff and get affected by it, to the point of not purchasing memberships/attending, because they believe all the negative crap that FLOGS like you allow to go on.

    You're a model to us all.
    And now they label us racists for making some observations.

    There was nothing wrong with what you said, I can see how mine would be taken the wrong way.
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