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  • Loving the profile pic mate. Hopefully the swans can unveil some ok players by the end of the year - be hard to match ziebell though!
    Haha yeh something like that. But leave me alone! I finished school in november and had nothing else to do. I kicked the footy and went to the beach in the day, and posted on BF at night. Hasnt help my DT skills but :(

    I wish i could remove the senior member bit some how, i could always change it to NP but i dont like that much...

    EDIT: Love the profile pic too:thumbsu::):D I love that guy now.
    Hey Dazza
    I'm new to this site and can't seem to find Monty's page where he gives game reviews etc. Can you tell me how to find it?
    hey mate im ns if it was you, but last year someone made a thread with a description on guns prospects and youth players for each team. i just wanted to know if you are planning to do anything along tose lines this year?
    yea i saw a few mock drafts where hartlett fell to us. that would be the best case imo. i dont really want shaun mckernan, but if hes still there and we are taking the best available, u reckon we might take him?
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