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    Fitness offers and discounts thread

    FREE 1LB WHEY PROTEIN SAMPLE - NO PURCHASE NECESSARY Another offer found on Pinterest. Wheysupps protein store are promoting their own brand whey and offering free 1lb samples of their whey protein concentrate Enter discount code "SAMPLE1" at checkout and get for free Visit product page here:-...
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    Fitness offers and discounts thread

    Free Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker Caught this offer on Pinterest. Pretty decent tracker/heart monitor from what I've read. Discount code is "PINOFFER" (enter at checkout) and takes price from nearly 20 dollars to 0. Tested and working as of 08/26/2019;)...
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    The war against renewable energy

    Good point that lot of people miss, same as production of wind turbines and the years spent to match the reduction of the co2 needed to produce
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    Cars & Transportation Vent about all things traffic

    Since when did everyone become afriad of going manual? Doesn't take much longer to learn ffs
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    Hi Everyone

    Glad to be here:)