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  • Hey mate, wasn't searching for trolling material. Was checking my own posting history re Charles to ensure it's consistent with my stance on the Essendon scandal, and happened to come across one of your responses to one of my posts. I then did a search on that particular forum for your input, and noted its absence. Nothing personal or sinister.
    Fair enough. You can understand my skepticism though considering the amount of muck raking that has been going on. My view remains the same now as it was back then, but as stated until there is a decision I'm not going to go hanging people out to dry.
    As for my absence and lack of input, posts on the hot topic boards are 90% Bay material, don't really see the appeal when it's all just about point scoring considering no one actually knows what has happened yet.

    Would withdraw that line but the thread has been locked, will have to settle for an apology here.
    Ron The Bear
    Ron The Bear
    Thanks for the reply, I'm not out to create enemies. You weren't the only one who got the wrong impression.

    I'll apologise as well, was unnecessary and not the smartest thing to do.
    Hahaha. The scary part about that is I wouldn't be surprised if we get done. I'll definitely being gone early if that's the case. my mate went into highpoint to get them and at 9.20 the said only top level left. It's gonna be electric!! Can't wait.
    I did not make it through last night. Was a weak effort, tbh. Will definitely be watching tonight. Evans is still in a good position. Just needs to not lose any more time to A. Schleck.
    TdF will be EPIC tonight. I am staying up to watch even though there is a chance I may get a call at 6:30 tomorrow morning for work (I am doing substitute teaching at the moment).
    Haha not quite yet!! Good win today though, but it was only Richmond. If you guys make the 8 and are competitive in a final I will be back on the bandwagon. Let's just wait and see eh ;)
    I am very jelly that you will be able to watch every stage. Will be awesome. Great that Alpe d'Huez is back. Evans is in good form.
    Nah haven't heard his solo stuff, but Heavy Heart is the ultimate Essendon song atm. Haven't heard The National either, will give em both a go.
    Yeah Tim Rogers is my fav artist. If you haven't already heard it, check his solo stuff and stuff with The Temperance Union.

    The guy in my avater is Matt Berninger from The National. Another great band.
    Yeah Sunday night boredom is bad. Trolling very, very, very hard lately. Amazing how many of the same people fall for the same trick time and time again. Good times.

    And yeah, I have great taste in music. Thank you.
    "Think of your friends, then put one on the door.
    Everything's free, but we're still poor."

    "I've spent the last two minutes singing the melody of the above but I've got no idea of the actual name of the song."

    "ssrly Donakebab this is driving me nuts. name of song now"


    please sir.
    I wanted to ride heaps this year, but was heaps busy with uni and lately weather has been shite. This year I am finishing off uni and doing crt (casual relieve teaching). Pays well and can lead to full time job, but you get treated like crap by teachers and students. Your year of traveling sounds awesome. Enjoy! Will probably get a new bike when I am working full time and have some money. The bike I have does the job for the moment. Will you see any of The Tour live while in Europe. If so, give us a wave when the peleton goes past.
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