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  • if ya only saw my small avatar on the board, damn good eyesight to spot the Pabst Blue Ribbon reference.

    Floyd Landis is da man. I picked him up from Tulla to take him to the doping forum in Geelong at the World Champs in 2010. Note, Hardie's doping coference ran alongsiede the Worlds but in no way was endorsed by it :D.

    funny guy was Landis. Is.
    dying reference should be Gould, the hair dieing (sic) meant for the guy who is not dying his hair. But Gould the NSW state of origin coach looks hilarious with white hair, like he was hit by lightning and the pigment got electrocuted. He always looked strange with the brown hair, now I know why.
    Yeh its a beaut. This bullshit with "Bishop" Williams and the SSFX mob really shits me!! Athiesm here I come [Almost]
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