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  • what are your thoughts on Sam Heavyside?
    Surely he will get picked up, plaqued with injury this year after a dodgy doctor told him to start running on his broken foot too early (grrr). won the pioneers b&f last year over wines and kerridge.
    Hi foj. I was just wondering if you were doing a mock draft this year as i really enjoy yours and have found it to be very informative and accurate in your player assessments, which imo is far more important than who takes who and with what pick.
    Completely understand if you are not doing one as i'm sure they are a lot of work but if so will look forward to it.

    Hello mate. Your selections made for some interesting reading. I think I would be more than happy if we got your selections.

    Can you please let me know who you were refering to when you stated we had the best 15yo kpp coming through via the Father/Son rule? Sounds exciting.

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