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  • Franklin led Riewoldt in every stat category ( bar marks 0.1 diff ) in 2010 and polled more brownlow votes despite playing less games. Both were AA that year, but Franklin was better in pretty much every important stat.

    Riewoldt & Franklin in 2010 -

    Disposals per game

    Franklin 17.8
    Riewoldt 11.6

    Marks per game

    Franklin 5.5
    Riewoldt 5.6


    Franklin 3.8
    Riewoldt 3.1


    Franklin 1.6
    Riewoldt 1.5


    Franklin 3.6
    Riewoldt 3.5


    Franklin 98.4
    Riewoldt 83.7

    Source AFL stats.

    Franklins 3rd best year, is better than Riewoldts best year. Lance Franklin = 3 x AA, B&F in a premiership year, polled 20 brownlow votes in two seperate seasons, 2 x Coleman medalist by 24. Riewoldt = one pretty good year in 2010. Stop embarrassing yourself. Like I said, if you are going to troll, do it properly. Saying Riewoldt was "clearly" better in 2010 is just really dumb, when every stat and player of the year poll in 2010 had Franklin ahead.
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