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  • Hello there, you certainly caught me by surprise. Sorry for not responding sooner, I'm not in the habit of checking for messages.

    I'm definitely not the StK fan that you met in Winnipeg. I only discovered AFL when I saw the 2009 GF. After watching both 2010 GFs, I was hooked.

    This year I managed to see a weekly game starting in Round 1. Hard to believe it's all over this Saturday. I'm sure it's a big week for the whole country, even bigger for fans of the Pies and Cats.

    How are you feeling about Saturday? Some Pie supporters on BF are nervous. A month ago I thought a flag was a formality.

    My listing as a Saints supporter's related to the GFs that I saw. They were the common squad in '09 and '10, so I adopted them when listing a club for BF. I've still got a soft spot for them, but I don't barrack for any one team. I'm most familiar with the Pies, though, since their games were shown more than any other team.

    Hope I didn't drone on too long, and have a great GF weekend.
    Cheers mate. I'm not from Melbourne, but YouTubing old Franco Cozzo ads has awakened me to his legend. Such epic laughs.

    Also, as Smoky said, great picture of Pants in his pomp.
    Cheers, Pants was one of the first players I loved, when I first found out about footy. Growing up in Sydney, he was the exact opposite of the Swans style and marketing.

    Unfortunately, I only had a small jpg of that image, I can't even remember where I pulled it from, or where it is now, it wasn't much bigger than the one in the avatar.

    Maybe the club or someone at another forum might be able to help you.

    That picture of Pants thats your Avitar is absolutely F**king awesome. Do you have it in High res? I would love to print it, frame it and put it next to my front door.

    Would you be willing to email it to me?

    Floreat Pica
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