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  • Sorry to intrude m8, but I just had to ask: Who's that gorgeous creature in your Avatar?
    I actually can't remember her name. She is the President/Prime Minister/some senior official of some Eastern European country. Another North poster put her pic up at some stage and for a bit of fun I have been using it since. She is as gorgeous as I am ugly.
    It's he.

    And no, I assure you my 'strategy' will not change in the least..... =D
    It's not a PM you bright spark - it's on your public profile.

    Mate, I'm just curious to know why you decided to go with North Melbourne when Fitzroy was forcibly merged by Brisbane. I've tried to give the idea of supporting Brisbane a try (mainly because I live there now) but, apart from having no real desire to support any club starting with the word 'Brisbane' I get fed up listening to the vast majority of Brisbane supporters discuss anything to do with Fitzroy & having absolutely no idea what they're talking about. North were very kind to my fiancee when she was arranging an AFL event at her library (the most generous of any club) and that made me wonder if they might be someone I could get on board with. As an old RoyBoy I thought there might be a reason or two why you chose North above all the other options and also wondered how you view the club and it's connection to the supporters?

    Sorry to bother you with a private message but I didn't want to stick this on the main board and get it side-tracked.

    Thanks very much,

    G'day Horace
    Thanks for going on my friends list and its great to see your input in the Fitzroy page.
    The people on here seem to be good and im only new to it .
    T G C ok
    Hope to see you soon
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