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  • It certainly has gone to shit. That port game was a shocker . It was always going to be a very long tough year but the last 3 performances have been insipid. I knew it would take time but it just hurts to see us go backwards.
    Not sure mate. I was trying to look up past threads of mine and maybe pressed on your name trying to work out how to dig them up. That's all I can think of. How you holding up over the last few weeks. A few on this board have well and truley tipped over the edge. The last 3 games have been disgraceful though . Disgusting really !
    I can understand people being curious if a mod looks at a profile, but sometimes it is for innocuous reasons. Oh and relax, I'm definitely not a cop.
    Nothing sinister. Noticed previous infractions issued by our mods and wanted to know who the infracted posters supported as part of a research exercise for a discussion I was having with Tiger mods. You're in the clear.
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