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  • i think val should start a blog, his talents are wasted here and a blog will be a good way for him to start networking and getting his writing career underway.

    honestly jimmy, i don't try and bring it out in people, i have nfi how i do it :D
    VD was single handedly making the GD board awesome :D which is why i started posting there.
    There is an off topic board on the swans board which is jam packed full of characters :D I have been pm'd a few times to meet up with this guy (a swans supporter) because he wants to fight me :D he's an alcoholic and gets fired up, once he cooled down after his first invitation to fight him he sent me a pm saying "stimps, you're new here, why don't you take a back seat for a while until you realise the way things are done around here, otherwise you run the risk of learning the hard way"

    :D :D

    it's a good board ;)

    ps. no i wasn't naughty at all, fred said he might give me access again in a few weeks. He likes to remind who's boss sometimes

    sometimes = a few times a day
    hey, it says you're 'viewing a forum', i bet its the GD forum. Fred took my access away yesterday and deleted some excellent work ;)
    Hi Val , cheers . I don't check my yahoo mail much , I'll go and take a look .

    Consider the power fighted .
    Hello Jimmy how are you?

    Hey the lady who used to post on here as nicky asked me to tell you she sent an email to your yahoo adress... this was like four hours ago, sorry if you already know, i just got home...

    ps fight the power, etc

    Hmmm Don't like the fact that you were red carded. I think that they were trying to crack down on some of the images that have been used.....
    I've give your avatar 2 days tops!!!

    I Like it though. Certainly made me double take in my sleep deprived state!
    Jimmy35's BF memoirs - a good guy, who happened to fall in with the wrong crowd.
    mmm jimmy you're gettin a few celebrity guests visit your profile page, i hope you're not being a bad boy.
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