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  • Gday mate. Just joined yesterday. Saw your post about having newspaper clippings and papers from 80s on just wondering if u have any u would be willing to part with. Im putting togetha a piece I. Have a composite guernsey half power half magpies. And its going in a frame with plaques and clippings symbolising ports first bid to enter the afl followed by bieng awarded the 2nd licsence would u have anything from then?
    Sorry if that post sounded rude mate
    I had to delete a bunch of stuff as too many characters. Any help would be fantastic.
    sorry for not replying earlier - I never check this page lol. Most of my stuff is stuck in scrapbooks (the things kids do!) and yeah well, I wouldn't part with any of it to be honest. Good luck with your piece.
    PS maybe try the library - not sure if you can print stuff from the archives or something?
    Good question,

    Havnt even heard of it to be honest. I dont think I will be - as I have about 30-40 tickets I have bought for people I have to give out so may not make it in time.

    You should do it ;)
    i was going to foresake dream team this year then i realised the opportunity to crush scallywags like Rory, The Smaller Warrior and P.A.F.C was too good to pass up <3 <3

    i abandoned tipping about 3 years ago when i blew the opportunity to win $1,000 in my sister's work tipping by returning an abysmal 3/8 in Round 22. fukn.
    m8, do yourself a favour and click 'View Conversation' on my post it will return 8ish pages of memoriffic lulz and lowz.
    the turtle is in reference to greg phillips striking terra[pin] into the hearts of opposition forwards and making them go into their shells........

    i am getting a pandora bracelet with nothing but charms that represent pr0t and the generalised pr0t experience circa 1985-pres. my first one is a turtle. i will leave you to surmise what it signifies m8
    looking forward to losing surjan, trengove and butcher to carlton in exchange for jordan russell and jordan russell's collection of hoops fifth anniversary gold trading cards? i kno i am <3 <3
    [suckup]Since the Salopek thread got locked by Fordy, I didn't get to say your post was right on the money!

    Good job as always.[/suckup]
    i kno, hopefully the next step is the pawn taking both the king(ers) and bishop.

    me coat, over there :/
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