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    What are you drinking right now?

    Goon & Juice 🤙
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    Mega Thread Port Forum General AFL Thread Part 22

    Yes Port 12 wins 1 loss vs GC Crows 14 wins 2 losses vs GC
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    Portfolio Australian Football Association (not soccer)

    Yeh go for it!! Im looking forward to it!
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    Portfolio Australian Football Association (not soccer)

    I really like this idea and started something similar a couple of years ago. The premise being a large sporting brand (rebel) with the backing of some US billionaires created a breakaway league (like the Super League) to compete with the AFL and the breakaway league started to poach AFL stars to...
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    Your first car

    79 Commodore! Mum and Dad bought it for me for $350 when I was 15 and then Dad and I fixed it up got it looking good then a few years later I think I was about 18 or 19 I rear ended someone on the way home from TAFE and sold the car for parts shortly after :( I wish I had kept it looking at...
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    Discussion Soccer/Association Football New Kits

    Wasnt there a design comp for this?
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    Discussion Bad Graphic Design

    There is sooo much bad in this pic! Must have been the interns first day! Outdated logos and column size! Who has 13 votes in the Player of the Year? Which team does Max Gawn play for? Why do some players get their first and last name printed and not others? Size constraints? At least make it...
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    Discussion Non-AFL footy jumpers

    That is the definition of a homer!
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    Discussion Strange or Interesting AFL Photos

    I thought it was Kane Cornes?
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    Poll Perth Suburban Football League - Round 1

    Thoughts on Yokine? The guernsey isnt my best IMO. The Yokine dog head logo is my own from scratch and Im really happy with it! The pres is something a bit left of centre inspired by the Zebras from the Australian Cricket Premiership SunsphereParker
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    Competition Pimp My Preseason: Week 8 - Gold Coast Suns

    Put this one together last weekend. Basically a re-coloured version of my T20A shirt from this year.
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    Discussion State League Guernseys

    How dare another club join a league that Collingwood/Eddie invented and think they can wear black and white:tm: :tonguewink::tonguewink:
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    Competition Can-Am Premiership 2022 - Preseason Thread - Postponed indefinitely

    I cannot confirm if NY will return at the moment. Last season's kit designer has had to get a full time job selling car parts to pay the bills and is unsure if he will find time to join the NY Nationals again for season 2022. Stay tuned...