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  • Hi mate, do you recall what club you took the logo for the design you knocked up for Nor-West Jets? It is driving me mad!
    Oh ok. What do you think about making updated ones with the lines then I edit them? You don't have to just wondering. If you don't have the time then thats ok. :)
    Oh and have you made the up to date ones? Or did you stop making them a while ago?
    Oh ok cheers. Hopefully this gets them some coverage so others start to use them :)
    Hey LeeARM,
    You know those templates you made a while ago without the sponsor logos? These ones: http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/showthread.php?t=651363
    Yeah well I edited them so that they don't have the grey lines on them. The Blades one looks like this:

    Would you mind if I handed these onto Doc and he posted them in the Universal Template thread? I can do the rest as well if you want.

    Cheers :thumbsu:
    G'day Lee

    Pekay here. Guernsey and logo has had a great response since introduced mate, great work. We are in the process of having out B n F medal re-struck with new logo, just need to know what program you used to create the logo, and what font the writing is in? If you could let me know at earliest convenience, greatly appreciated, season coming to a swift close!



    hey LeeARM
    did you ever get a repsonse from Essendon about the clash gurnsey you sent to them?

    cause i thought it look bloody awesome
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