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  • Wow....That is some crazy numerology!
    Just looking on that page you linked on the thread and I saw "lions roar like 44" just a couple of places below. Is this also a fellow BF member?
    Still amazing that we are exactly equal though! :)

    Cheers :)
    "Nonsensical post.

    Why on earth does a NM supporter come all the way up to their "home town" to support the Blues, since neither the Lions or Carlton are any threat at all to NM as far as ladder position in concerned:confused:

    And who is "we":confused:"

    Its nonsensical because you didnt read it properly, you read what you wanted to read. But Ill dumb it down for you.. Im an Ex Brisbane lad, and I follow the blues, I lost a bet so I had to change my sign, team everything to .. you guessed it.. North Melbourne... which If your were paying attention too in your tipping comp at work, You would be a little bit clued in Carlton (= we) played and lost yesterday to them. In the words of Aretha Franklin, "you better think" before you post.. Sig Gave it all away. And I was saying good luck to you for next week.. you want to take sportsmanship and turn it into something you fear by attacking by all means mate have a great life.

    Now as a condition of the bet I will be not posting on any forums till week 1 of the finals.

    Happy Days eh.
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