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  • Hey mate

    Would like to continue the conversation we started but would rather do it in private rather than having the two of us hijacking the entire thread. You don't at all strike me as a dill so sensible and respectful conversation actually seems possible (a welcome change). That ok with you? And if so, is this the best way to do it?
    Cheers mate, begrudgingly I admit to admiring Sydney, but unashamedly I'm a Hannabery fan. Hoping we can get over you guys this Saturday!
    your a legend bro, thanks for the support, lets wreck these clowns forever... cheers and good luck for the rest of the season after Saturday mate...
    Unfortunately, no. We're a start-up Oil & Gas company having a whole lot of problems because we don't have our very own sheikh to sponsor us. But yes, I do spend a fair bit of time in Dubai and Iran.
    So you're frequently in'n'out of Dubai.........Do you work for some rich oil Sheik over there or something LTK? :p
    Before this year, the answer to that question was always yes. Business not so good any more, so the last 4 or 5 times I've been further back. I might get lucky and get a complimentary upgrade, since I'm a Gold frequent flyer. But not holding my breath on that.
    Same reason - work. Going to the airport in a couple of hours for the wonderful 16 hour flight home.
    Keep up the quality posting mate. You've taken it up a notch this year, top stuff.
    Hi Tony,

    Have just found your message from the 24th so sorry about the delay in replying.
    Thanks so much for your offer to continue supporting the player sponsorships it is very much appreciated.
    Hopefully you have managed to successfully collect your player photo from the Roo shop- the very new look Roo Shop.

    My e-mail for future reference is

    Hope Ella and your wife are both well, healthy and happy and that you all had a magnificent xmas.

    Warmest Regards
    The death of the great Ben Carbonaro. A tragic loss; but one we must work through.

    Come over to TLC and ask Ben, he'l explain it to you.
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