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  • Hey mate i was reading an old post of yours, do you still have the body paint hawthorn poster of 2006?
    Hey MM, if you don't like what I post mate, it's ok. Just don't go abusing me about it. I know you mean well.
    I actually umpire games of footy and I know what it feels like to get hit by players and to get cannoned into. It's not that nice of a feeling.
    'this is amazing, not even a week ago people were saying the game had gone soft after a player had his jaw broken. Now we have another thing which has occured for years, and no injury to the player, and somehow it was wrong?'

    Have a Great X Mas mate & A Happy New Year Steve will catch up for some drinks when I'm down next year cheers..............noose!:thumbsu:
    hey mate congrats you have been selected randomly out of nowhere to answer me if you would be kind enough to tell me who is the third strike rumour about? is it buddy frankston? i msgd the mod but he wouldnt tell me .. ne help would be appreciated thanks mate
    The Moorabbin ground will go either to the Sandringham Dragons (TAC) and payed for by the AFL or the VAFA will try to get it and move from Elsternwick Park. The VAFA wanted the Junction Oval but I don't think they can afford it.
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