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  • Hello mate. I'm alive and kicking and im used to the saga to be honest. I would like it to end but im used to it. Your side will rise again no doubt. Hope you're well.
    I've wondered this for years - does your username have anything to do with the TV show/legend in Chinese culture?
    Monkey King
    Monkey King
    I can't access your profile for some reason so I'll reply here.

    Yes, one and the same. The Chinese legend Sun Wukong.
    Don't take it to heart mate, just having fun! :p I only saw Williams at the end of his career. I understand they were both great players, and tbh, I don't know who was better.
    Well it was a great win and performance from your boys and well deserved. Carlton had a very good year and to be honest deserved to win that game yesterday. Full credit. Goodluck for the rest of the finals mate. :thumbsu:
    Hey mate hope you are well. Yeah we meet again in finals, it has been a while. May the underdog get up in this one.:D

    Seriously, hope you have a great day.:thumbsu:
    Sup homes. You wanted Kreuzer's 2010 clearance stats.

    The Prospectus shows that he was not above average in clearance numbers last year, in fact even Renouf is ahead of him.

    1.8 clearances per game. Renouf 1.9. Naitanui 4.2

    Hitouts to advantage are the 3rd lowest of the Top 15 ruckmen. I said second lowest initially.

    Hitouts won are above average for an AFL ruckman, 41%.
    Easily fixed. Just report stuff like that. Completely anonymous. Far too many posts for the mods to read... makes it easier, quicker and it keeps threads from going to crap.
    A bit of tough love was required to keep you thread on the right track on the main board, but I think we're there now. Let me know if there are any issues.
    Mate I can only begin to imagine how bad the humidity would be during monsoon season. You must be made of sterner stuff than me. I only troll Carlton, Adelaide and the Handbaggers. I got a bit bored with your mob so I turned my attention to the Handbaggers. Unlike your tribe, they don't have much of a sense of humour !!!!
    No, you can never know. I was sitting in shock watching it unfold. Gibbs2Yarran has an eleven month ban. Eleven supporters took the bet, and each supporter equalled a month. Thanks for the congratulations mate, chin up you have a good up and coming side. You're a great poster, and judging by your work on here, a great bloke. :)
    I've put my nuts on the line in the bay. If Essendon loses im banned for a month. But im pretty sure you'll have plenty of Bomber posters to bag if the Blues get up. And i echo your thoughts. You should be confident of a result this time.
    Hello, hello. Its that time of the year again my friend.
    Im bloody nervous as hell. I hope its a cracker, i got no doubt it will be. All the bet.
    Thanks mate. Well done Blues for the convincing win against the dogs. We know carlton will make the finals but we might just join you guys. There is a long way to go still for us mate. All the best.
    Hey Monkey King, bad luck with the result on sat nite. A great game and rest assured your team is going places. You know that anyway. In the dying minutes, i nearly had a heart attack. All the best.
    MK, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed our little firefight recently with the biblical metaphors. Well done.
    Hahahha, Monkey i just noticed that you posted a reply to me in your profile. Mate ive done it to, we are officially idiots. Great words too, your allright mate as well. Brilliant poster.
    Perhaps we should rekindle the flame Monkey.

    You may start by sending me naked photos of yourself in various 'fun' positions.


    I've missed you.
    Hey CT, I'm pretty good actually. Just kickin around having some fun in the Bay. I've got a heap of work to do, but I just can't help myself.

    When I first encountered you I thought you were just another anti-Carlton dick... but after a few posts you pleasingly proved otherwise. You're alright mate... feel free to drop in anytime.
    G'day Monkey, how are you travelling mate ?
    We haven't had a chat lately, so i thought id pop in and say hello. By the way, i enjoy your posting its always quality. :thumbsu:
    对不起 我很久没回帖,这些天我很忙.
    我在银行做工作。。。 你在那儿一个投资公司做工作呢?我去过上海但是那时是8年之前。。。而且只是很短的时间
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