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  • Goldstein has been pathetic, I can't believe that I claimed that he was currently a better player than Bellchambers.
    As soon as Belly makes an AA squad he has gone to Goldy's level. Belly is an avergae ruckman and a big part to why you finished 11th.
    LOL - Goldstein is drug free - Bellchambers plays for the biggest drug cheats Australia has ever seen. Our worst player is better than your best. Aaron Mullett >>>>>>>>> Jobe Watson
    Oh dear.

    Atley squib
    North sh*t
    Final loss of 96 points.
    Boomer sniping
    Petrie pathetic
    Goldstein "AA ruckman" non existent

    I guess that gimmie run of sh*t teams really showed in the end.

    What a ******* pathetic team North are, a joke of the competition.

    See you in Feb when you crawl out of your cave.
    Sig for you until Round 1 2013

    "Dyson Heppell has heart and courage Shaun Atley could only dream of".

    Short, sweet and to the point.

    No welching, Mr 100% correct
    Meh, I'm not arguing semantics. Re-read the post. If you can't understand it's content just forget about it.
    "You know what I mean you cannot slag off players club and coaches." Read it out aloud and tell me you did not strip the entire bet away to nothing - then like a snake did not say anything about it for 5 days before poping your head up with the rubbish above.
    By the sounds of it, you didn't know what I meant.

    No vulgar slagging.

    I don't care anymore.
    Werenumberone is kind of creepily obsessed with posting on your wall. I think you've pissed him off..
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    Reactions: mufassa
    Ban for life from the main board? It is actually hard to make a come back after that happens. They watch you like a hawk until you post enough and you are back in. It is a slow process to get back. You don't seem too worried that he has been shipped off.
    Haha, Macca is good for a laugh, but he's a bit melodramatic. Not just about North either, but he's got a bee in a bonnet about your mob for some reason, which most of 'us' find perplexing.
    One of the great rivalries in sport :)
    Lying coward mufassa:"100% - coming back from WA is never easy and you got us. You have always lifted for Essendon and I was very happy to take the 30 point start TAB gave me. You will be in this game for a long time."

    Wrong as always.

    Typical that your sig is a complete and utter lie but of course if you had to stick to the truth your life would be ...well just pure sh*t.
    lol, making yourself out to the big man. Yeah, you would have been the school legend for sure just like your whole life is complete in every way and you could wish for nothing.

    You are probably just a puny little turd that i would crush without even blinking.

    Cya later keyboard warrior.
    Of course what you say is irrelevant to me so keep up the lies and you have proven you have no football knowledge and you try to cover this up with personal attacks on my life of which you have absolutly no idea, for all you know i may even know you in real life....
    You are proven wrong time and time again so you change the topic to lies. Tell your puppet mod to check the mod board for this so called message i reported you for. Truth is you were trolling on the MB yet again and the mods prolly checked to see what else you had been up to.
    Watson leading the coaches award, guatanteed AA selection and in line as the possible AA captain. You reckon he's sh*t. Just goes to show how clueless you are about football and no wonder you are mates with HAD as he's almost as clueless and biased as you.
    What's North go to do with anything as you don't support them and don't care at all when they lose by 115 points. All you care about is what happens to Essendon and your life is guided by the fortunes of the Bombers. Going to be many sh*t years coming up for you from now on.
    Suck sh*t as the Bombers have ruined another weekend of football for you as you don't care of your sh*t team wins or loses as your life is ruled by the fate of the Essendon football club. What a sad individual.
    You need a new source of info as your puppet mod is feeding you lies and of course you're stupid enough to believe them.

    You get yourself in the sh*t with your obsessive trolling of Essendon and you need to get over your inferiority complex and realise North are sh*t, Scott is a fraud and Watson is a gun of the competition. Things i told you 3 years ago.

    Have a nice day.
    Sensational victory for the all conquering kangas last night beating a team of kindergarten children by 7 points.

    Please never get rid of your fraud of a coach, he's awesome....
    You need to check with your puppet spec mod because you are mistaken but of course that's a weekly occurrence for you.

    We've lost 3 games by 11 points, you lost 1 by 115.
    $6.50 for the flag - hopes high and then last night happened. I could not have written a better script!!
    What a sad individual you are. Your "supposed" team gets smashed by 115 points and you are ecstatic because Essendon lost. You are the worst sort of football follower and you will notice i didn't say supporter because you aren't.
    You are so full of sh*t and not even a child would believe your bullshit betting stories.

    I notice you have taken your obsessive trolling of Essendon from the MB to the Polls Board. I spose you can get away with your non factual, obsessed bs there.
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