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  • Do you think the changes made below are any advancement? What's yr thoughts on Hase, He's doing my head in. Schammer seems to be carving it up. My delimas are with Mackay/Skipworth. If i take skippy i can upgrade Knights or Schammer to a better option. My mid structure wories me. Would like 3 guns but might be a little top heavy.
    Hey Neb,

    I know yr a gun DT'r so would appreciate yr thoughts on my teams. I've narrowed to basically 2 and would like to know which would potentially be the more effective.


    Fisher, Goddard, Cornes, Adcock, Houlihan, Raines, Hill (Suban/Broughton)

    Gablett, Kornes, Dalziell, Knights, Mackay, Rich (Robinson/Anthony)

    Cox, Hmac (Currie/Jacobs)

    Delidio, Chapman, Goodwin, Thomas, Higgins, Skippy, Yarran (Brown/Garlett)


    Chornes, Fisher, Goddard, Adcock, Houlihan, Raines, Hill (Suban/Broughton)

    Gablett, Kornes, Knights, Schammer, Mackay, Rich (Robinson/Anthony)

    Cox, Petrie (Currie/Jacobs)

    Pavlich, Delidio, Chapman, Thomas, Higgins, Krakour, Yarran (Brown/Garlett)

    Any thoughts/dislikes


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