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    Preview Round 15, 2021 | North Melbourne vs Gold Coast Suns @ Blundstone Arena | Saturday, June 26 @ 1:45pm

    I think your right. But when Atley, McDonald or Turner are injured i think he should get another crack at it
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    Preview Round 15, 2021 | North Melbourne vs Gold Coast Suns @ Blundstone Arena | Saturday, June 26 @ 1:45pm

    We were good against brisbane, can not think of any forced changes this week. Would like to see Atu given another run at some stage this season though. Thought his neat skills and speed were promising as a small defender earlier in the season.
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    MVP Votes vs Brisbane - Round 14, 2021

    3. Ziebell 2. Thomas 1. Zurharr
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    Analysis Fitness and Strength

    We must limit returning players' game time better. Garner broke down in the last 5 minutes last match only in his 2nd game back. Do not want the same to happen to Mcdonald or Tarrant over the coming weeks
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    Autopsy Autopsy vs Brisbane - Rd14, 2021

    Another small step forward. The large losses may be behind us allready. Earlier this year, we would have lost this by 10 goals plus. McDonald back in is great. Ziebell absorbs and relieves so much pressure back there. He pumps the ball 80m forward everytime he gets it. Zurrhar was great across...
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    Player Watch #1: Jack Mahony

    Sam mitchell traits are clearly evident in Jacks game. I hope he gets some midfield time over the back end of this season and next. He ticks alot of boxes. If his quick brain and skills can make up for a slight lack of leg speed, he could be an absolute gun midfielder. LDU can do with time in...
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    Game Day Round 13: North Melbourne vs GWS @ Blundstone Arena | Sunday, 13 June @ 15:20

    Jack Mahoney break out qtr. Hes arrived
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    List Mgmt. Josh Kelly to North II

    Id love that! If JK comes across, i hope the pieces of the puzzle come together just as quickly. Am happy to back in the list build and keep the war chest for our home grown stars in a couple of years though aswell.
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    List Mgmt. Josh Kelly to North II

    Would prefer to keep playing the kids and build our list. Give the good kids contracts they deserve in a couple of years. No point landing a big fish now whilst were at the bottom.
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    Autopsy Autopsy vs St Kilda - Round 11, 2021

    First half was terrible. Noble and Rawlings may have a good game plan and be building a talented list moving forward. But today they did NOT inspire and demand the effort required from there team to compete at AFL level. Good coaches get the best out of there teams, lets hope this develops...
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    MVP Votes vs St Kilda - Rd 11, 2021

    3. B. Mackay 2. C. Zurharr 1. A. Hall HM. T. Thomas
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    Game Day Round 11, 2021: St Kilda v North Melbourne @ Marvel Stadium | Saturday May 29 @ 4:35pm

    sh*t house. I dont care if we are rebuilding. That half of crap is not acceptable. I would not even call it football. Players and coaches equally responsible. Show some character and some backbone FFS
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    News Roses are Red.

    Roses are red Leaves are green In 2023 Well be a good football team!!!
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    Coach NMFC Senior Coach - David Noble

    Nobles def our man. Love the guy for our club. He made a bad call today though. You can not let a team run with an extra mid. Hopefully its a lesson learnt.