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  • All is well at my end, although today, I have the flu though. :(

    Got tired of the Swans 'elitist' board recently, so I've decided to pop my head in the bay. :D

    How have you been mate?
    You poor bugger. It would have been better if you were an alias - then your inadequacies would be more excusable. I had largely forgotten you - you were largely a blurr in my mind, such is the fate of Tier 3 posters. You clearly have not forgotten me. Geez, I must have butt-plugged you in the past to ignite such spite. Would it not be better paganism is to accept your lot in life? Namely, a Wildebeest on Bay 13?
    Better than your "worst 25 players" thread and that is really saying something. When are you going to bring that epic thread to completion? Would you like me to bump it? Really, people should know their limitations. Stick to the XXXXX is s**t sort of stuff.
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