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  • Cheers mate,

    Will do. ;)

    Btw, love the avi and can't wait for July for season four. Counting the days.

    no i stand on my feet all day wtite a crap post in my messages again i will get you banned ok ! yes i don't always write well , but as much as i get given s**t about it they do not come in here and give me s**t about it , read what it says and don't worry about someone not using grammar and punctuation ok i am sure people can work out what people mean with out it anyway , they are just being picky !

    that post you picked on was just me saying i had seen a story maybe it was in a newspaper that part i am not sure on and that is why that post looked that was !
    dear i was dirt tired i don't give a s**t ! i passed yr 12 years ago p!ss off ! i knew what i meant it came out the way it did ! simple
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