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  • No mate, just a general rule about Mod bashing. It wasn't taken personally. Cheers
    G'day Paul,

    Not sure why you'd be unable to post an attachment, other than the fact you're currently infracted. I presume that's the reason why. Try again when your infraction runs out in 3 days or so. Any problems after that, you can click on "contact us" at the bottom of the page and ask BF Admin what the issue is, or for assistance. Cheers Paul. Mick
    Thanks mate, it actually says when i log on that i do not have acess to upload pictures, no problem I will try again

    Thanks Paul.
    No attachment access eh? I've never heard of that Paul. You click on the little picture of the mountain and add the URL of the pic to the box which appears. PM me with the URL and I'll post it for you if you like, but you'll need to post a reply to the thread first so I can add the pic to it with your name attached. Good luck. Mick
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