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  • This is either an outright lie or utter ignorance on his behalf because stats prove that refugees (illegals more so), commit a far higher proportion of crime, excluding terrorism offences).
    He would prefer to see detention centres removed and to allow illegal immigrants to blend in with our society until their refugee status can be checked. This would be a disaster for our security. He has also previously stated that people who are refugees pose almost no threat to our countries security.
    He has previously defended Islamic leaders in Australia who have either made derogatory comments about Westerners and Australians, even those who have blamed acts of terrorism on western society.
    He repeatedly makes "expert" commentary on The Project about acts of terrorism and immigration. He isn't an expert at all on terrorism, counter terrorism, intelligence or immigration. He does however have strong beliefs which he like to shove down other people's throats. If have a friend who is and expert in this field and his opinion of Ali's follows mine.
    I've got a background in Intel but I won't elaborate on that other than to say I'm no longer in that field.

    Waleed Aly used to be the spokesman Islamic Council of Vic. Whenever he spoke about acts of terrorism by Islamic extremists he would always downplay the risks to western society. He would never lay blame on "Muslim extremists", rather he would go out of his way to infer that
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