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  • Suck it flog, hope it really hurts. You were a complete turd last week and you got your comeuppance. I want it to hurt like hell for you. Suck it.
    Still, why not red card obvious trolls and let the thread continue as normal? Deleting a thread but letting them off seems strange.
    I disagree. But you knew I would.
    Could I get a reason why?
    a seven month old thread relating to whether Sydney is "rated" by other fans has Mario starting the debate about COLA (and they've gone so well this offseason) and forwardflanker was on board to wind a few up. So, no not "free of obvious trolling" at all.
    Your seriously tripping me out with your DP, I keep thinking your posts are mine ;)
    Lol, yeah I was pissed when I realised someone was already using this. Might change it soon.
    It's alright mate, great picture all the same. I grabbed it the day after the GF when I saw it in the AFL Photos.
    I was tripping out for so long there wondering why TRAWP was talking to himself ... :p
    It's nothing, don't give it a second thought.

    As for the background, I uploaded the background pic to albums. From their click on Customize Profile in your CP and select photo from album as part of you background.
    I went an bought myself a Michael Clarke poster today, oh how much I love him!!! :)

    Also bought myself a nice peice of Pup willow, looks great!
    Haha nice. So I've googled her. Who is she exactly ? Just some random scene girl from the East Coast? :confused:
    I have been following the Swans for around 12 years now and this is the worst trade we have done since i can remember (of course i only strongly remember the last 7 or 8 years of trading). Longmire should be forced to answer why he did what he did as he owes the fans a explaination for his actions.
    I honestly have no idea how anyone at Swans headquarters could think this was a good deal.
    Oh yeah the NY trip....I forgot. Despite all the Hawthorn outs in round 24 I did manage to win 3 out of 4 Grand Finals.....1 other league I didn't go past the Preliminary's.
    Picking the right Captain this week is critical......who do you think you'll go with?

    *Added* Hawthorns outs have rooted me big time :thumbsdown:
    I am gooooooooooood :D
    Well good ish, getting through the HSC and learning alot about myself as a person (introspection and self reflections ;))... invaluable.

    Keen for uni life!
    THANK YOU sweetie <3

    The BEST bit is that it paid off for tipping as well! 8/8! BOOYAH haha.*

    *Mkaes up for the frikken fact I tipped 7/8 two weeks in a row with the swans dragging me down TWICE.
    How are you?
    It was a good win and great to watch given we are a side that usually never wins by big margins. If we can beat the Saints & Tigers we are a sneaky chance of making the 8.

    Good win by the Swans too btw.....I did tip em :)
    New York!?!?!?! You lucky trip?

    SC/DT sides are going alright....wish I had Judd as selected captain last week...he scored 195 SC points.
    on a scale of one to ten im about -1000000000000000000000 keen for it. hating hating hating it. one more year of HSC and unleash the real von!
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