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  • I'll let you know over the weekend whether I'm going to Adelaide next week or not :)
    No probs with helping... I have the tools.
    You've actually got a good amount of votes per thread too, which is good.
    No real suggestions - maybe when the team is done, throw it open for discussion.
    Just a thought on the interchange. You already have a ruckman there but could you do the poles for the remaining bench players one at a time? Otherwise I think you could get results that are not representative. E.g You list Hodge, Savage, Sheils, Buddy, Mitch, Sewell, Lewis as candidates. Everyone except two people vote for Hodge and the other two vote for Sheils and Savage. While the majority who voted for Hodge got their man, they may have preferred (given another vote) Buddy over Savage.
    Hey mate, really enjoying your best 22 poll- but could you state if it is current best 22 or potential best 22. I'm not
    having a go at Max Bailey but for him to get the second most votes for best ruckman in current 22 is a disgrace. It would be much appreciated if you stated on the thread whether it is current or potential and make a point of it. Because I think for the backline eg, schoey vs Murphy- whether current or
    potential will make a huge difference
    Good point. Yeah, didn't really think through that one! I meant in the same thread, but you can only vote once. Mmmmm... Just knowing the natives and their concentration span.
    i've been a collingwood supporter since the day i was born! but a member for about 11 years maybe...or 12
    lol! i probably do like sewell for different reasons...but i do think he is a really good player as well. oh, and he looked good at the brownlow last night, as did bernie vince! :p
    hmm...i like beams, swan and harry o'brien the most

    but from other teams i like jimmy bartel, bernie vince and mark lecras
    oh, and i like sewell as well (such a babe)
    Cheers Scrads, that's quite the compliment, particularly considering the company we keep - there are some VERY good posters on our board.

    Although I'm guessing you haven't seen any of my Adelaide (the place) work in Bay 13 - well, it's piss funny to me.

    Keep up the good posting champ.
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