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  • Well can we run Monday this week and then go from there? TBH Sundays would be brilliant. Threads up Monday. Teams due Fri. Games on Sunday.
    So Xmas break largely depends on whether you can Sim or not. You happy to keep going or would you like a break or games moved to like Wednesday for the next couple so your not posting on boxing day or new years?
    Up to you cap'n. I'm happy to stay at full forward but if you want to move me I cannot argue.
    Squads were due Friday. It is now Monday. You have been penalised 2 premiership points and you will be penalised a further 2 every extra day your squad is late.
    So the decision has been made as you are no doubt aware. However postings gotta improve mate, you can't carry the team by yourself.
    You should now have access to the captains board or will have access shortly. I suggest you read it Loopy.
    loopy just a quick question mate with the SA SoS team if ive nominated for the vics can i place a nominatio down as the demand to be in the vics side is going to be overflowing??
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