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  • I know theres a mega-thread but I figure leave the fixture stand alone for a few days, get a few cheap posts off it. :D

    Never had issues on Windows 7 other then 2 letter abbreviations haha. :D
    We have 22 posting players in theory atm. I expect that to be more like 14/15 when season starts. TBH had no idea we had that many, maybe I should stop poaching. :D

    Look forward to Crowie's thread. The lj one only occured because I saw he'd posted heaps when you put the stats up in the committe board.
    :D Yeah hows the new sim comming along? I'm waiting for someone to notice my move back into the ruck... Not chasing Mobb medal votes at all.... ;)

    I'm bored so I figured why not make a couple of thread.s
    Can't be sure of enough time to really get into the fantasy football stuff at this point mate, but that's been the problem for a long while now - much more time on my hands a couple of years ago, but I'm generally a fair bit busier now than I was then, with various work things and projects I'm building up, like that website plan I told you about.

    And obviously, strongly supporting the Roys and the Demons (though being a Roy foremost, by original decision), I'm just a tad conflicted ;)

    If I had the free time now, I'd be more actively involved with the Roys side of things there...
    Just added another point to the list of examples of whiteanting that we compiled on the Roys board mate.

    I've posted an extra thread now which covers that particular issue (point #26) and added a reference to it on the "White-Ant Files" topic you put together, including a link to the thread...

    Ah ok. So the one in Season 2 and the one with the Roys.

    Like my thread? :D I'm bored.

    BTW I love Lucy... really?
    I feel 30 should be the limit, I dont like having more then 25 actives on my list TBH. Whether we officialise it or not? Well.... people should know not to hog players already. But we do have some dumb ones.
    Wasn't that Gumbies vs Fury @ House of Gumby?

    2007 is the last one I can find that was played neutral and that was at the MCG.

    All but 2 GF's which have had stated grounds have been played at the top clubs venue.
    Mate change the stadium back. The Wonders earnt the right to play at home. Its been played at the Home Ground the last few years.
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