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    new verse in song

    "... And when the shoutings over We’ll be number one in the premiership race. " i hope this is the type of shouting that involves celebrations made with the voice of the players and not the all to familiar type of shouting that involves celebrations that requires copious amounts of...
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    new verse in song

    All St Kilda members please note below a new verse which has been added to our Club song. It was actually added in 1997 for the Grand Final by a member and he had it recorded it 1999. The Club song will be played at the game on Saturday night with the new verse. St Kilda A Club Song Oh...
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    Let's not count ourselves out

    if wallace had of been available last year i would have been rapt to have him as coach, however after the last few years the last thing we need at the moment is more change. let's just aim at creating a positive and stable environment where our young players can develop and the club can take...
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    why can't we win ?

    i can't believe that i am going to quote mike sheahen (?) but he wrote a sentence that i can not get out of my mind. it went something like "st kilda, has there ever been a side more coy or introverted when they are faced with victory". we have stared victory in the face 7 or 8 times this year...
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    honorable loss !

    i don't have msn as i already spend to much time on the net instead of working. :D begley has pulled up ok and will play this week which is good news for him. beetham is a real disappointment. there have been constant rumours about his attitude all year. i am still torn between...
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    honorable loss !

    can it be any more frustrating barracking for our lot at the moment. we are showing improvement but are still managing to find unique ways to lose football games. that first 1/2 was just pitiful and yet in the 2nd 1/2 they were gritty and showed some fight. when are we going to see the same...
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    New Worst Decision Award

    why else would you go to the football if you couldn't abuse the umpires and cheer off your football team? maybe you have forgotten what it's like stan as you sit on the deck of your house boat and watch the swannies through the bottom of a chardonay glass.
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    New Worst Decision Award

    the play on rule is often an unfair advantage to the side getting the free kick. the opposition player who would normally have a chance to chase or tackle stops when he hears the whistle allowing an uncontested passage for the player who earnt the free kick. a better way would be to not blow the...
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    McGuire logic on he 'No Carey' graffitti

    the only reason why eddie knows that it wasn't collingwood people is because there were no spelling mistakes. ;)
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    ermmm, excuse me, you have our four points

    after 25 years of following the saints i am still amazed at how my team find novel ways to lose. they get as close as possible to the opposition score by kicking 6 goals whilst keeping them scoreless. for most teams this scenario would translate into a fine win, for our mob it is just another...
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    the everitt conundrum?

    for the last couple of years the debate to trade everitt gets more heated amongst saints fans. there are those that point out that spider is our current best and fairest winner and correctly state that we can not replace a quality tap ruckman who can go forward and win a game off his own boot...
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    Saints On The Improve, Look Out Swans

    a 120 point turn around against the pussies is nice but frustrating, a 1 point turn around against the swannies would be magnificent.:D :D
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    reiwoldt ! better than lockett at 19!!

    good luck to the cats today on their 4 points.:) i have been away for 2 months and get back to see the saints manufacture another loss when they should have won. but i couldn't take my eyes off a white haired kid who was leading and marking and wearing the red white and black. the cats...
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    Brazil vs Germany - Final

    the germans have had a blessed run into this final and will be found out for the adequate but average side that they are. brasil to win 3-0. :D :D
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    Loewe to retire at end of season

    well done stewie on a great career. a player that maximised every ounce of his talent to become a great center half forward. is arguably the best contested mark in the history of the game. is not out of place when the names carey, brereton and kernahan are mentioned as the great chf's of...
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