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    Preview SEASON OPENER - Sydney Swans versus Western Bulldogs

    With the latest injury talk saying that Florent and Heeney should be ok and Buddy a chance, I'd go with something like this: Rampe - Melican - Lloyd Jones - Aliir - Cunningham Florent - Mills - Heeney Hewett - Reid - Hayward Ronke - Franklin - Papley Sinclair -...
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    News Swans Talk in the Media 2019

    If not the Brownlow, can you bet on players making the All Australian team? Will have to check. Can see Aliir being good and a whole lot more skilful around stoppages as opposed to some big lumbering dinosaur who contributes very little around the ground. My mantra for the year: AA4AA. Edit...
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    News Swans Talk in the Media 2019

    Didn't notice it mentioned in last couple of pages, Roos interviewing Horse tonight on Fox Footy at 8.30pm. "AFL Coaches Uncovered" or somesuch. More about their off field persona as opposed to the footy side of things so it says.
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    Player Watch #8 James Rowbottom - pick 25, welcome to Sydney

    Could call him say, R2D2 or Bender, seeing as he is a Ro(w)bot. Dallas or Ewing perhaps. As in J.R. (I'll get me coat on the way out)
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    Analysis 2019 List, Game Plan and Best 22?

    In thinking of my best 22 for next season, I'm looking ahead to the end of the home and away season and hopefully a few finals. I'm with you Connolly on this, as good as McVeigh has been for many years I would hope that by the end of next season other players have demanded to be picked ahead...
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    Toast New guernsey numbers

    A complete stab in the dark at numbers that will be given to the new arrivals. Will assume Goodes' 37 stays unused and upgraded rookies The Ronke! and The Fox On The Run stay with their existing numbers: 2 - Thurlow 4 - Blakey 6 - Menzel 16 - Clarke 22 - Rowbottom 27 - Tucker 28 - Foot 31 -...
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    Play Nice 2018 Ladder Predictions

    Sydney GWS Port Melb Adelaide Geelong Richmond Bulldogs ----------- Essendon Hawks Carlton Saints Suns Freo Lions C'wood Eagles North Brownlow - Martin Coleman - Buddy Rising Star - Paddy Wow Norm Smith - The Year of Aliir.
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    Preview Round 1 2018 - Sydney Swans at West Coast Eagles (Optus Stadium)

    Based the following team against the Eagles mainly on Horse saying today that Aliir is not available and that Sinclair, McVeigh and Hanners probably will be. Not so much my preferred team as what I think the club might want. Smith - Grundy - Rampe Mills - Melican - Lloyd Jones - H'bery -...
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    Swans best 22 in 2018?

    Yep, for sure I'd have Newman, Cunningham in that last handful of players along with Florent, Fox, Hayward vying for a spot each week if/when (fingers crossed) there's a full list to choose from. Pretty much a line-ball call between those few players, for me at least. And I'm sure, at least for...
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    Swans best 22 in 2018?

    Assuming Hanners and McVeigh are out for round one, would go with this against the Eagles: Smith Grundy Rampe Mills Melican Lloyd Jones Heeney Rohan Towers Reid Jack Papley Buddy Hayward Sinclair Parker Kennedy Aliir Florent Fox Hewett Would love to see both...
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    TV On the Couch 2018

    Based on the above, David King, with ll his statistical know how would like to point out that 10% of the time it's useful.
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    Strategy 2018 Game Plan

    Without having looked at all the rules or having thought about it too much, I think the structure at centre bounces would be three mids, two players behind the ball and two players ahead of the ball. Need 'talls' who are pacey. Lot less ruck contests as any out of bounds plays are kick ins...
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    Swans best 22 in 2018?

    Thuggee, nice summary. Couple of things you may have missed ... Cameron is another one on our senior list who hasn't played a senior game and O'Riordan and Melican have both been upgraded from the rookie list.
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    Toast New guernsey numbers

    Yeah, doesn't look like Papley I wouldn't have thought.
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    Toast New guernsey numbers

    Late mail ... O'Riordan to change to no. 11 as a nod to Jim Stynes. Bell to get Jetta's old 32 if they don't "unretire" 37.
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