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  • Actually, that's true. I just wish it'll be another 2010. We peaked at exactly the right time. I think a few losses will actually do us good.
    Ah s**t, sorry to hear that mate. All the players that weren't playing well are suddenly playing well. I hope Swannie keeps this kind of form up and continues kicking goals. It's gonna be a good year for the footy. :)
    I hear you mate. The only person I could go with and that supported the Pies was my Dad so that was good. I have some mates who support Sydney (who I don't mind) and Carlton (yuck!!!). My uncle supports Geelong ughhh. If I was in Melbourne I'd go with you just because you have to experience it. Amazing atmosphere. I think this win could be the start of things. We have star players still out and are coming back in. We're playing good footy now and we are getting the press back and working but using the Corridor a bit more. It's a long year but we'll be up there!
    Hey mate. Thanks for the friend request. How you doing? What a match that Anzac day game was. Would have loved to have gone. I went to the Anzac day match last year and I thought that was an amazing game but bloody hell. lol.
    I believe Quicky sorted out the prizes with Chief. Maybe PM Quicky and ask him if he could set something up?

    Good luck with it too, it looks like it will be fun!:thumbsu:
    I forgot about that. We had it going last year with someone else running it, but it didn't turn out as well.

    I would join in a new game if you want to run it?
    Your choice out of WA, SA or QLD (just come up with a name, a coach and reasons why they should be in). I've just got the guernseys off google, mostly from BF lol. Yeah Tassie was pretty popular so they're taken. But maybe a couple of seasons in we can manage a second side there haha
    Hey mate, dunno if you're interested, but check out my new interactive story on the Gaming Story forum. We still need three sides: one from SA, WA and QLD, so if you're keen you can follow the details and be CEO of a side :)
    Hi, could you tell me the website you know for streaming. currently overseas and would love to watch some pie games.
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