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  • Oi mate. Hope this is the right forum to ask if you have any of the roosistence posters left for sale? Cheers
    I posted about the tshirts but the somehow missed the updated comments - I'll be spewin if they're all gone now as I asked if they were any left! Have any left? I'd be after the Roosistance ones - small or x small. Any caps left?
    Hi. I want one of the avatars that are currently going around about the Eagles (Ducks) Can you make me one... serious question, lol
    Hi Dean unsure with the new BF system, is this a PM or open to everyone? If it is open can you please advise where to send an email? Cheers Dan
    You just know her and Phil have got it on in those fancy homes they show
    Hey, thanks for all your efforts modding. We've taken you off the roster now. I'll make sure the platinum sponsorship gets applied too. Need anything, let me know.
    Hey TOD..
    Just a bit of a scoop that Benny C is gonna debut this week.
    Dont want to start a thread on it but was wondering if you heard the same too.
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