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  • G'day plugger, I hear you're looking to play footy in Cairns next season? Mate I can tell you that the best place, by far, is the club that plays at the massive Cazalys stadium - the Manunda Hawks. You should google in cazalys stadium cairns and you'll see what a special ground it is. Steve Waugh said it was in the top 3 grounds he had ever played test cricket on, and the lights are upto TV standard. That aside, Manunda is prob the only club that isn't riddled with politics within the club! It's a proud club with good people running and a first rate coach from Vic coutry fame. Up to you mate, but that's where I'd be heading, to play on a ground the same size as the MCG and a deck to match. Good luck anyway mate, love the tatt!
    Alas, Lord is Upon Me - Behemoth

    This is the type of music I listen too. :D

    Conquer All - Behemoth

    One By One - Immortal (Live)

    Enjoy bro. :D
    They make it too easy. :)

    Not that I truely hate North Melbourne, but their supporters here are a pack of flogs. :thumbsu:
    Greetings Plugg3r.Welcome aboard the BF Swans board.Take my ribbings with a pinch of salt.I come here meaning no ill to anyone, just like to throw around ideas & stir up some fun when things get too serious.Aploogies,anyway.
    I also share the same tattoo with you, but with the words "red & white 'til I die".It's not on my arm, but on my left ribcage(over my heart,if you wish).- no pics
    Again, welcome aboard & Onwards to Victory
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