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  • Turbo, drop in at the pre-game drinks meet up next week. There will probably be a few of us at the Lord of the Isles pub prior to the game. Cheers, The Rabbi.
    Turbo, is there a VFL game on today? I was sure that the Cats were playing Sandy at Sandy but I cannot find a thread on it. I have started one but I fear that I may have my wires crossed on this one. My apologies if I have boxed this up.
    Cheers, The Rabbi
    LOL - at least let me get in my ninja edits there Turbs. It is actually an interesting topic but I fear I've derailed the thread.
    Turbo, I have started a thread on Casey Tutungi but I thought that I would let you know in case it in inappropriate ATM. Personally, I don't think so but it could be a sensitive issue and needs to be handle as such.

    Cheers, Rabbi
    Hi TC, wondering if you have the time/inclination, if you'd explain your comments *, please? Interested to understand.
    *It would help out the boutique clubs in Melb and also remove the criteria of having to play ex number of games - on top of a car park.
    *The planning permissions for the monstrosity it has become should be investigated.
    Turbo, has any complained about delays trying to submit posts or open new pages within BF? I keep getting delays and I get a message "waiting for tags.expo9.exponential.com... at the bottom of the page where the url is displayed. Forgive my explanation. I am a computer moron.

    I just wondered if the problem is BF associated. I do not experience it anywhere else on the net. I have to back arrow and then quickly forward arrow to load the page.

    Yours, the Rabbi
    Hi there , have been trying to put my tips in but wont let saying only picking 8 games..the brisbane v carlton game isn't letting make a selection. my tips are
    Carlton, essendon, sydney,west coast,adelaide,collingwood. nth melb,stkilda and hawthorn. hoping you can assist , mant thanks
    Hi there. Just want you to know I'm not trying to bait anyone with my thread. It's all in good humour. I don't know why Lifespan-Void is so upset. All the best for tonight!
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